What is a Respect Club and why was it started? 

A Respect Club™ is a high school club that teaches, encourages, and recognizes respect in a fun way. When you walk through the doors of a school in a school district with a Respect Club and start to interact with the staff and students, you immediately sense that something is different, something is special. Before long you figure out what it is - everyone treats each other and their jobs with respect and because of that, the school is filled with energy and joy. 

The club was started in 2014 to help address a major problem that's been around for way too long - the low level of respect in our society. More specifically, there are not enough strong people in the world who respect their job, others, and themselves the way they should - and  because of this a myriad of symptoms of the problem exist - things like bullying, school underachievement, racism, violence, poverty, abuse, divorce, drug use, suicide, etc. As educators, our opinion is that we have a "Respect Crisis." 

Members of the high school Respect Club, with help from their adviser, develop and implement an annual plan to model, teach, encourage, and recognize respect every day in positive manner. The goal is to have respect permeate every aspect of the operation of the school district. (We provide free suggestions for your plan.) The plan has four parts:

1. How do we model                  respect?

What is the plan for encouraging every faculty and staff member to model what respect for your job, others, and yourself looks like on a daily basis?  (When every faculty and staff person puts in the effort to model respect daily, it makes it more likely that students will respect their job, others and themselves.)

2. How do we teach respect?

What is the quarterly or month by month plan for teaching students how to respect their job, others, and themselves in a fun way? What Respect Club assemblies or videos do we feel will be the most helpful for our students this year?

3. How do we encourage respect?

What is the plan for encouraging students to have strong respect for their job, others, and themselves? It is one thing to teach students about how to respect, it is another to encourage them in a positive, enthusiastic manner to respect on a daily basis. (We have to be sure that students of all ages can answer the question, "If I respect my job, others, and myself - what's in it for me?") 

4. How do we recognize  respect?

What is the plan for recognizing students who respect their job, others, and themselves? (If we believe respect is very important, we have to make recognition a big deal.)