What makes Respect Club unique?

Respect Club is different from all other school clubs because it:

. . . focuses solely upon respect

. . . teaches students the specifics of how to respect their job, others, and themselves in a fun way (tools that they can use throughout their lives)

. . . teaches students how respect for their job, others, and themselves can help them to have a happier and more fulfilling life 

. . . encourages students on a daily basis to respect their job, others, and themselves

. . . recognizes students who respect their job, others, and themselves

. . . is district-wide

. . . only takes up an average of ten minutes of valuable class time a day to implement (time that is more than made up for through less time dealing with disruptive behavior)

. . . can positively impact the life of every student in the school district (every student in a school district that starts a Respect Club is a Respect Club member)

. . . is run by high school student leaders with the help of a school staff adviser(s)

. . . taps into the power of students teaching students 

. . . helps everyone to speak the same language in regard to behavior - the language of respect

. . . harnesses the awesome collaborative power of students, parents, school administrators, teachers, other school staff, community leaders, business leaders, and the community

. . . can be implemented at a nominal cost to the school district - (possible costs include transportation of student leaders to different schools, a stipend for the adviser(s), printing, etc.)

. . . includes staff training suggestions and ongoing support for staff, student leaders and their adviser - free of charge

. . . was started by a school counselor with over twenty years of experience working with youth

. . . is designed to enjoyable, dare we say fun, for everyone involved 

Please email us at questions@respectclub.org if you have any questions or if you would like to set up a video meeting online to answer your questions.

Our '21-'22 T-shirt is now available at https://www.bonfire.com/respect-definition-t-shirt/